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What People are Saying

When I started working with Sabrina almost a year ago, I had been experiencing back pain for several months that was interfering with my daily activities.  Today, I am almost completely pain-free and feel like a new person!  Sabrina experimented with different exercises and was able to identify the techniques that worked for me.  My posture has improved, and I just feel stronger and more aware of my body.  The techniques I learned also enhance other workout programs that I do.  I am a huge fan of Pilates and Sabrina!

- Carol

Sabrina has completely transformed the way I think of and use my “core”.  She has taught me that even the smallest movements, done correctly, have huge benefits.  Her techniques are sound and the energy and atmosphere are always positive.

- Christy

I began working with Sabrina a year and a half ago at a friend’s suggestion as part of my rehabilitation from an extended hospital stay.  My work with Sabrina and Sandvi Studio has been transformative, going well beyond rehabilitation and now becoming part of my ongoing physical (and mental!) wellbeing.  My workouts are highly tailored and ever evolving, thanks to the personal care and training I receive at Sandvi Studio.  I love the curiosity and learning mindset that emanate from the walls of the Studio!

- Milt

I have loved working with Amy!  My sessions with her are always challenging and invigorating.  I feel like a new person when I leave the studio.  Amy brings a tremendous amount of knowledge and is constantly bringing new things to our sessions to help me stay healthy and continue to improve my Pilates practice. 

- Claire

I love the location of Sandvi Studio.  It is open, airy and spacious with large windows overlooking the uptown skyline.  The environment, full of artists, is an exciting and stimulating place to come to Pilates class.  Sabrina is a very intuitive teacher and is keenly aware of my body needs or limitations.  She finds different exercises to accomplish the goals while protecting any injuries.  She is also very aware of where I am emotionally as well.  I truly feel she treats the whole person, not just the shoulders or abs.  I also like the way she uses visualization to get my body to use the right muscles.

- Jane

I am a recent cancer survivor in my seventies.  I was with Sabrina before the illness and returned as quickly as able.  My life has always been active but I feel better today than ever.  Her training has given me better posture, balance, flexibility, core strength and overall wellness.

- Bruce

The workouts at Sandvi Studio are fun because they engage you both mentally and physically.  I have become more aware of my body and strengthened areas that were weak.  I wish I had started this years ago!

- Minna

Bringing the joy of Pilates into my weekly routine has done wonders not only for my body but for my spirit as well.  Sabrina has such a wonderful way of keeping the workout enjoyable and always changing.  She understands my body and has not only addressed back issues I have had for years but has helped me to carry myself in a totally new way.

- Kate
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