110 E. Kingston Ave. Suite 214
Charlotte, NC 28203

The Studio

Sandvi Studio is located in Charlotte’s historic South End in a unique and inspiring setting of artist and designer studios.  Your sessions are 100% private and you will have access to all Pilates apparatus at every session.  At Sandvi Studio you will receive expert training that goes well beyond simply doing exercises.  We honor the absolute genius of Joseph Pilates’ mind/body system of work with a contemporary eye toward the latest biomechanical knowledge of optimal body alignment and function.  “Core” will not be just a word you hear during a workout.  We will take the time to teach you about what it really is and how to effectively engage it during every exercise.  You will develop a keen sense of body awareness and a heightened sense of alignment with balanced muscle development.

If you have recently been working with a physical therapist and are looking for the next step, we would love to be of service.  Our instructors are nurturing and highly skilled at really seeing the body and finding solutions to imbalances that trigger injury and pain.  Many clients find that regular Pilates work relieves chronic pain and helps to keep them injury free.  Your goals could range from sitting more comfortably on the floor to play with children or grandchildren, to take a yoga class with more range of motion or to greatly enhance dance or athletic ability.

Do you need to be in perfect shape to begin?  Absolutely not!  Pilates work is a wonderful jumping off point to begin the journey to  wellness of both body and mind.  Your instructor will choose exercises that are appropriate for your strength and fitness level and you will progress at a pace that is safe for your body.  We also incorporate other helpful methods such as Franklin Technique, Alexander Technique, Release work and deep stretching.  Because you will learn to use and wake up the deeper layers of muscle and smaller muscle groups, you will experience an intense workout that is unlike any other. 

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