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The Melt Method

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The MELT Method is a simple self-treatment technique that you can learn to do at home to get out and stay out of chronic pain in just 10 minutes a day. MELT helps the body in a myriad of ways from improving digestion, sleep, easing stress in the body and increasing a sense of wellness and energy.  It is a revolutionary approach to achieving flexibility and balance for sports performance and promoting healing of past or present injuries.  It is a powerful tool to use before you do other activities such as yoga, running, golf, tennis or Pilates.

We use specially designed balls and body rollers to restore the stability of the body by rehydrating the connective tissue.  Exercise and diet cannot do this.  MELT is hands off bodywork that addresses this important system,  feels great and gives immediate changes to the body!  Over time, the results are even more dramatic.

Melt Method Charlotte - Sandvi StucioSabrina's MELT experience and motivation for studying with creator, Sue Hitzmann: As I have moved into my 40's I have noticed a lack of exact coordination in my movements which has, not surprisingly, coincided with the addition of bifocals to my glasses!  Fatigue has also been an increasing issue.  The demands of career and family had left me feeling less than ideal in terms of health and energy.  Also, as a private Pilates teacher, I use my right arm and hand much more to change springs on the Pilates equipment. I could literally feel a distracting more developed right side of my neck and shoulder.  In addition, I had developed a nagging ache in my right wrist which was worsened with daily use of the computer mouse.  No Yoga postures, stretches, Pilates exercises, dance techniques were working to "fix" it.

Although I eat a mostly organic and well balanced diet and get regular exercise, I still did not have consistent energy levels.  I have been AMAZED at MELT's transformation of these places that have been "stuck" and imbalanced in my body as well as giving me what I can only describe as a "spritely" sort of feeling.   Through taking a few minutes a day to help my connective tissue system to function at it's best level, my workouts as well as daily life with my husband and two young children feels easier, lighter and more productive.

I am thrilled to be the first certified MELT teacher in Charlotte, NC and to bring its' benefits to many.  The fact that it is affordable self-care is what excites me - once you learn the method, you can do it on your own in a short amount of time.  It is groundbreaking science but so simple to do! 

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